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What is a rectiform?
recti: like a square, rectangle, or box
form: shaped like
design is often about boxes.
that is why rectiform.
So you're a designer?
something like that
Some years ago, I went to Art Center College of Design and got a degree in Graphic Design (program emphasis on transmedia, branding, information design).
About midway through the program, I started inventing my own assignments, building physical interfaces and developing websites.
I think of myself as a maker first - learning how something works is important to me. So, I ignored the few times I was told that I shouldn't waste my time coding.
What do you mean about boxes?
While studying, I learned about type and narrative, the power of metaphor, crystal goblets, widows and orphans, branding, modernism, post-modernism and communication theory, mentorship and ...
... boxes. Putting things in boxes, taking them out of boxes. Designing is often about looking at things, and understanding what boxes those things usually show up in, what boxes people expect them to be in, and what other kinds of boxes you can invent for those things.
A lot of things can go in boxes.

Ideas. Images. Stories. Experiences.

To design is to organize natural mess; it's to act on informational and experiential chaos to give light to an implicit meaning.
We experience the world through designed boxes.

Displays, pixels, and websites; also, labels, profiles, and memes.

as a designer, i create and re-form boxes
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