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Wait, who are you?
I'm Adam Lopez. I live in Los Angeles (and like it here). I love learning and making connections.

It will be nice to meet you.

I've spent a lot of my life making things on the internet... I hand-coded my first website back in '96.

Throughout school, I studied art (fine) and then design (graphic).

Post grad, I got back into web, digital interfaces, and physical interaction.

Since then, I've built, designed, or invented businesses, products, and experiences for clients large and small.

Some industries I've known and loved: health and wellness, fintech, toys, space, energy.

Some tech I've wrestled with: blockchain, machine learning, physical computing, conversational interfaces.

Some themes I care about: ethics, human empowerment, exploration and discovery, fun.

It's easiest to call what I do product design or user experience design.
I've spent a lot of time researching and modeling humans, and then planning and building experiences for them.
I also enjoy thinking through systems of all kinds, diagramming how they work or break, and working through how to tune them better.
This website was last updated March 2020. Lucky you.
To discuss work, money, love, and/or happiness, email me at