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And what can you do for me?
Great question. Solid answer ahead.
It's easiest to call what I do product design or user experience design.

A large portion of my work is crafting organized systems.

I've built, designed, or invented businesses, products, and experiences with clients large and small.

Some industries I've known and loved: health and wellness, fintech, toys, space, energy.

Some tech I've wrestled with: blockchain, machine learning, physical computing, conversational interfaces.

Some themes I care about: ethics, human empowerment, exploration and discovery, fun.

Across my work, I run with a spirit of speculative design and future-visioning: dreaming up new ways of working that get us to a better world.
My work starts with end-to-end experience and ecosystem research and analysis: figuring out what's happening now, why it works, and what can be improved.
That leads to strategy and implementation: chipping away at the block of 'what could be' until it works, can be built, and accomplishes goals to support a larger mission.
My happy place is in initial exploration phases and re-imagination work, and being a bridge between product, business, user needs, and organizational abilities.
I shine in bringing new understanding to complicated scenarios, and in dancing with abstract ideas.
I can make a bunch of screens, too, but that's not the best use of my time (maybe).
If that's a little fluffy for your tastes, I'm a UX designer with researcher leanings, backed by a visual design background and strong understanding of engineering and development processes and methods.

I think and practice holistically, and advocate for the human at the end of the line.

Where have you worked?
I've travelled the gamut from boutique design studios to large advertising agency, a government space agency to a multi-national consulting firm, and tiny start-ups to well-funded organizations.
In those places, I've done a range of work, from ideation and strategy through to experience and visual design and coding.
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